Thursday, December 17, 2009

Montana Wedding Photographer ~ The King & Queen of Cheese get engaged!

How do I begin to explain my friends Rachael & Scott?

Rachael & Scott are the couple that go to Disneyland ... and pose with every character they meet. Rachael & Scott are the couple that have been together forever ... but still act like they just met. Rachael & Scott are the couple that just "go" together. They are snow & hot cocoa ... peanut butter & jelly ... fire & marshmallows ... sugar & cookies ...

Rachael & Scott have been dating for six years. Yes, six. When they first met, Scott informed Rachael he was on the "seven year plan" - Rach basically blew him off. "Whatever," she thought. Well, Scott got the final laugh on that one.

When Rachael called to announce their engagement last January, it went a little bit like this:
R: "Scott proposed this morning!"
D: "What?! It took you a whole five minutes to tell me this! I'm so excited for you, that's awesome! Hey, at least you beat the seven-year plan. HAH!"
R: "Oooooh no. By next June, it will be seven years ..."

And {nearly} seven years later, they're still cracking up at each other. I can't wait to shoot the wedding next June!

{as always, you can click on a picture to make it bigger!}

Four days before the shoot, it was -23 in Missoula. Day of, it was 19. It was this cold (yes, that's a frozen river):

They were brave souls, working the "grin & bear it" face:

The Rachael & Scott we know & love:

{♥ this one}

My {favorite} shot of the day ... Aren't they adorable?



  1. Loved them. They are so adorable. I would say that for small children but it appears that they act like that. Loved meeting Scott hope to me Rachel next time.


  2. Awesome job Dianne! Hope you have a great Christmas!!!