Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tucson Photographer ~ Friends let friends take photos!

Otherwise titled as: Friends make great guinea pigs.

The first few weeks in Sierra Vista, I developed a schedule for myself: shower. unpack. walk dogs. look for jobs. drive around town looking for good photo spots. walk dogs. cook dinner. go to bed. repeat.

Exciting, I know. But the great thing is I found a wash by my house that has AWESOME backlight the hour before sunset {a wash is essentially an empty riverbed created by flash floods during our biannual monsoon seasons, fyi). I also found the quickest route to the river - 10 minute drive for uninterrupted doggy splashing fun! Post detailing the latter is a-comin'.

Anyway, when my friend Lacee came down a couple of weeks ago, I took her out to the wash and made her play ANTM for me. Tada!

{as always, you can click on any image to make it bigger}

For some reason I love this image ... I want to print it on a huge canvas and hang it above my fireplace:

She's always all smiles:


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