Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Montana Wedding Photographer: Rachael & Scott ... Round 1

So what happens when a girl shoots a) her good friends' wedding and b) it's located in her most favorite place in the world?

Well ... A+B = inability to narrow down favorite photos!  Thus, Rachael & Scott's June nuptials will be featured in two rounds (yes, like boxing.  One.  Two.  Punch!) so as not to overload your senses.

Rachael & Scott were married June 19th in Hamilton, Montana at the Marcus Daly Mansion.  The day dawned bright and blue, with some wispy clouds in the mountains.  The afternoon brought a quick thunderstorm, but it quickly (and I mean quickly) dissipated.  Of course, said storm decided to grace us with its presence immediately following the ceremony.  It held off!  Wahoo!

Anyway, let's get on with the pretty stuff.

Hamilton, Montana

Rach, you're stunning ... on a side note, the middle photo is one of my favorite getting ready shots ever.  The angles in the elbows I think ...

The boys.

... and for round two, the wedding and reception ... here's a sneak at the gorgeousness: