Monday, November 14, 2011

{personal} Introducing: Reef!

While I slave away on the gorgeous wedding pics of {rodin+lenny}, I thought I'd check in with a little update of my own.

Introducing: Reef!

Hello! My name is Reef, and I'm the newest addition to the family of {dianne, mike+izzy}. I'm a five month old labradinger - a lab/springer spaniel mix. My first owners were backyard breeders who couldn't take care of me and my siblings - I lived the first four months of my life outside under the hood of a car. Lucky for me (and my brothers and sisters!), the Arizona Labrador and Giant Breed Rescue adopted and fostered me until I joined {dianne, mike+izzy} two weeks ago. I'm already house and crate-trained, and just started puppy class last week! I'm a little shy around new people, things and dogs (I like to bark at them to let them know I'm tough), but am getting better as I get more socialized. My favorite things to do are fetch, snuggle and chew on my doggie-sister's legs. Oh, and I looooove to run laps and jump off furniture - I like to pretend I'm Underdog! I think I need a cape, don't you agree? I was the runt of my nine-sibling litter and am only 30 pounds, but I think I'll get big and strong with lots of food, treats and love. Hopefully I'll get big enough to finally beat Izzy at wrestling - right now she just lets me win!