Saturday, January 28, 2012

{angelica+anthony} engaged sneak peek

Seriously, how do I keep getting so lucky? I have the most gorgeous clients ev-ah!

ps Y'all might be asking how a seven-months along, not allowed to walk, partial bed-resting pregnant lady is able shoot an engagement session... the answer? Enlist awesome friends to help, paparazzi-style! HUGE props and big {hugs+thanks} to Lupita Ramirez of Solaris Photography and Dago Esquer of Esquer Photography for helping me out last night with this awesome engagement session! 

But can you blame them for willingly helping? Seriously. So stinkin' beautiful.

Monday, January 23, 2012

{rodin+lenny} married: part two

{rodin+lenny} married: part one

As a photojournalist, I get asked a lot why I left journalism. Those questions generally revolve around two main topics: Was it because of the state of the industry? Or was it because you wanted/needed to make more money? 

The answer is no. No and NO.

Notice I didn't say "former photojournalist" because I don't consider myself retired. Unfortunately there is an overwhelming negative connotation within the journalism industry that when a photographer decides to do something other than journalism, they are selling out. I don't consider my decision to document weddings over working for a newspaper as "selling out" because at the end of a wedding day, I don't see the difference. A wedding is a story. A beautiful, tear-jerking, heart-warming story. And bottom line, I would much rather document the joy of a wedding than the pain of loss. Call me a weenie, but it's true.

I prefer happy things; I just don't have the stones to shoot the sad stuff. But that turning point is another story for another day.

{rodin+lenny} are a reminder as to why I believe all of the above. Their entire day was about them. Just them. It was a simple celebration with a close-knit group of {friends+family}. There was love, there were tears, there was an accordion... and there was a kazoo. 

Yes, a kazoo. 

Bottom line, it wasn't about the "stuff." It was hot and it was rocky. It was a long, long day. I was so sore the next day my couch developed a Dianne-print because I didn't move much. But as most weddings are, it was worth every minute. It was a resounding positive reminder as to why I love doing what I do... it was a reminder that at the end of a day (especially such a long one), weddings are both the beginning and the end of an amazing story. And I was blessed enough to be chosen to document it.

Without further ado, here are some excerpts from the Italian-Peruvian-Vegan-Jewish festivus that was {rodin+lenny}: married.

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Again, huge, whopping thanks to Kimberly Creagan of Twin Satori Photography for being my rockstar second-shooter!

Friday, January 6, 2012

{travel recap} japan

Back in October, {mike+I} had the opportunity to travel with his family to Japan. We visited Tokyo, Kyoto and lastly, Okinawa for the Okinawa Festival. It was a great experience and I can't wait to go back in five years for the next Festival!

Some highlights...

{japan+I} are obviously meant to be...

Seriously... my name? Spelled correctly? In a random foreign country. Meant to be!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

{olivia} six months

I'm catching up! I am, I am!

I just love this girl. Baby's first year is one of my favorite things to shoot; it's always so incredibly amazing to watch how much little ones grow and learn in such short periods of time and Miss Olivia is no exception. She's such a rockstar baby!

{interested in dolli photography capturing your baby's first year? e-mail!}

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

{olivia} three months

Yes, I realize this post is long overdue. Yes, Miss Olivia is now seven months old. Yes, I also have her six month photos to blog as well... Thankfully due to partial bedrest, I no longer have any excuses not to knock out my blogging to-do's. So without further ado (hah! Clever wordplay, si?), presenting Miss Olivia's three month photos...

{interested in dolli photography capturing your baby's first year? e-mail!}