Monday, October 24, 2011

{rodin+lenny} sneak peek

Yesterday was a long day.

I may or may not have resembled a beached whale trying to roll out of bed this morning. My back aches, I'm a wee bit sunburnt and with each step I take, my toes are squealing.

It was hot. It was rocky. It was void of electricity. And there may or may not have been compost buckets for toilets.

It was a long, loooooong day.

But there was also love. And friends. And tears. And there may or may not have been an accordion.

Yes... an accordion.

It was worth every minute. Even my toes say so.

Sneak Peek: {rodin+lenny}

ps... huge props to Kimberly Creagan of Twin Satori Photography for rockin' it out with me the entire 13 hours. I couldn't have done it without you!


  1. Can't wait to see more. These are sweet.

  2. Dianne, these look amazing!!! I had so much fun yesterday. Thanks for having me along. It was such an original and beautiful wedding...really nice to be a part of...