Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Missoula Wedding Photographer ~ Albums

The week of my & Mike's wedding, our wonderful friends Rachael & Scott opened up their home and we basically took it over. Every morning the four of us would have breakfast & coffee together, but armed with our own key, we'd be in and out, in and out, in and out. We stored things in their garage and borrowed things we had forgotten. It was home base, and their gorgeous house just happened to be a hop, skip and a field (literally) away from the venue.

The morning of the wedding, I woke up at 7am. Of course I couldn't sleep, and was ready to just GO already! After taking a minute to pack up my overnight bag and slow down, I had a cup of coffee with my soon-to-be husband, Rachael & Scott then headed across the field. The wedding wasn't until five, but that seven hours flew by faster than I could have imagined. There were snacks, music and a fast little thunderstorm. There was dancing, laughing and a football game to watch. But all of sudden, I was walking down the aisle. Then like a snap, the dance floor cracked (another day, another story) and we loaded up to visit the local bar. Then it was 2am and I was in a limo with my husband, MOH and a really, really bad driver on our way into town. Just like that, nearly 20 hours were gone, I was married and the day was done.

Twenty years from now, when I've forgotten what time the thunderstorm rolled in (approximately 2 and they had to postpone the football game), that the Griz won (73-2 actually), and that lightning struck a mountain and my brother had to call the forest service ...

When I forget that my great friend Ryan was not only AT a wedding in Seattle the night before, but IN IT and then turned around to be in Missoula the next day, just for me ...

When I forget how, after the blowing winds and dumping rain, the Miyamoto clan seem to just appear with a Suburban full of towels donated by the owners of Days Inn and how both sides of the family rallied to reassemble everything - I never even noticed a difference ...

I will have my pictures. Because at the end of that very long/short day, it's a story. An album embodies all of that day. It holds the images that aren't really ones you'd frame, but tells people that weren't there how it went. It reminds people that were there how great it was. And it lets you and your spouse remember. Just ... remember.

A few spreads from Rachael & Scott's album. Yes, that Rachael & Scott. You can see their wedding herehere.

As always, just click on any image to see it larger.



  1. These are beautiful, D! I'm a huge fan of the undies shot ;-)
    You have such a clean eye. I love it.

  2. Hey Diane,
    Thanks for trying to help me out at the bank today. Your photography is stunning! I love how bright, cheerful, and full of energy it is. :)