Monday, June 6, 2011

{travel recap} sedona

A little side note re: yours truly...

I have a serious case of relocation-itis. It is accompanied by an ever more dire disease I have coined as "travel fever" - a situation that cannot, unfortunately, be cured by more cowbell.

As of this year, {mike+I} have developed a pretty consistent pattern: every two years or so, we move.

Sometimes less, sometimes more, sometimes near and sometimes far, but we are always looking forward to where we're going "next." This month we're moving 70 miles northwest of our current location (where we have lived approximately 18 months. Not that I was counting...) Last time it was 2000 miles south. Before that, 700 miles west. You get my drift. It's become our m.o. Lately, most of our discussions have centered around where we would be willing to go next - because there will be a next. Durham, North Carolina and Ohio have been on the list. The former might be a fun change of pace, but the jury is still out on Ohio. I like to think I'd be game to live anywhere, but Ohio? Hmmm... (no offense, Ohio-ans. By the way, is that what you are? Ohio-ans?)

Anyway! Basically, the only remedy we have discovered to assuage both of these terrible* problems is to go somewhere (read: anywhere) on a regular basis. It is also a much more manageable (read: affordable) option. It might be a road trip 500 miles west to L.A. to visit family. It might be a plane ride to the Northwest. It might be a stay-cation. It is basically anything to keep us busy, but also let us experience where we currently live and everything it has to offer. Besides, curing travel fever does require, um, traveling. So, for one of our April trips (and for my birthday), we decided to visit Sedona.

Sedona is a beautiful little artsy-fartsy town nestled among the Red Rocks of Northern Arizona. It is only a half-hour from Flagstaff and two hours from Phoenix, but feels like a world away. It is paradise for rock climbers, hikers and outdoorsmen (or women). There are mountains! And rocks! And get this: WATER! I can definitely see why it was a spiritual location for Native Americans (and still is). The beauty is stunning, and so very different from anything else you find in Arizona. Also, if spiritual things float your boat, it is supposedly a vortex mecca. Not really my thing, but the hiking was great!

We spent the majority of our weekend in Boynton Canyon because it was dog-friendly. Slide Rock State Park is supposed to be pretty dang awesome, but alas, super busy and no dogs allowed. Here are a few photos** from our hiking extravaganza.

*Sarcasm very much intended. Please do not take offense. If you suffer from any sort of actual "dire disease," my heart goes out to you and I wish you the best.
**Disclaimer: I am not, nor will I ever claim to be, a great landscape photographer. I love trees, but they don't love my camera. I'll stick to taking pictures of people - and my dogs. Cheers!

I do, occasionally, get a great landscape shot. Love this.

Hike #3: We hoofed up to this mesa in record time to see the sun set. Awesome.

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