Monday, May 23, 2011

{travel recap} here, there & everywhere!


It's been a whirlwind ten days, but I was able to sort through some of my photos today and do a quick edit to share a little bit of my trip with y'all...

First stop was Missoula, Montana for my big, little brother's graduation (he's tall, I'm short, therefore "big, little bro.") While we were there, he asked me to help him prepare for the big, bad real world with some headshots. He has a really hard time keeping a straight face, so I had to add in the "bloopers." I also snuck in a few of his roommates adorable daughter.

The next leg of my trip involved a second stint as an intern for Justin & Mary Marantz - this time in my hometown of Seattle. Despite an argument with a certain virus called the flu (grrrr!), I'd say the week was a success! Some of my childhood friends were gracious enough to come model for us, and I'd say they knocked it out of the "Water for Elephants" ball park. Not to mention a big shout out to my friend Bunn Salarzon, who drove all the way up from Portland to help us out!

And just for fun, here's a shot of the whole fam-damily after my big, little bro gradu-muated from college!
From left: Papa+Mama Bentz, "big, little bro," yours truly+hubby

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