Monday, April 18, 2011

{cela+noah} married: segunda parte

A lot of this past week was focused on the "why." Why do we, as photographers, do what we do? Why photography? Why do you want to succeed? Why not? Why are you fearful? The list goes on and on and on. Always, always, ask "why?"

As I mentioned earlier, that's another post for another day. But part of my "why" is meeting couples like {cela+noah}. They're only 24, but have already been together for eight years. They've grown up together; they've loved, lost, laughed and they've cried - together. And you know what? {cela+noah} have been through more in the first eight years than most couples go through in the first eighteen. So for me, being privy to the background story, being invited to be a part of such an important day, simply being responsible (and man, what a responsibility) for documenting when they finally and officially became {cela+noah}... well, it's nothing short of amazing. And I think it's a pretty damned good why.


{Ceremony: St. Augustine Cathedral}
{Reception: Savoy Opera House}

The photo above is by far my favorite image of the day. Like, leaps and bounds. Love.

The couple on the right got engaged about a month after the wedding. Congrats, Carolyn!

Just for fun - Mustache Photographer!
You can see {cela+noah} married: la primera parte here, and their engagement shoot here.

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