Thursday, March 10, 2011

tucson wedding photographer ~ when wedding photography info goes viral

I am a huge fan of Google Reader. Like, majorly huge. Every morning after I walk my dogs, I open my window, listen to the birds, sit down with a cup of coffee and read. It's cathartic, really. Kind of like sitting down with the morning newspaper.

There are a few photographers that I follow on a daily basis for inspiration, but it's inspiration that's mostly business-focused rather than art-focused. And honestly, if you took a quick glance at my Reader, a lot of the blogs I follow are actually writing blogs, not photography! Some of them are friends, some are just beautiful, and some are for a daily giggle or two, but the majority are for education. Whether it be wedding trends, "how to build your business" or Justin & Mary's awesome Pancake Sessions (side note: did I tell you guys I'm going to be their intern for the San Diego "Spread the Love" Tour??? So stinkin' excited!), I try to soak up as much information as possible every day.

On that note, as I build my business to bigger and better places, it is imperative that I continue to educate myself. In fact, apart from continuing to challenge myself creatively, it is my number priority. And apparently this week is the week for information about wedding photography because it's here, there and everywhere! Good, bad, and indifferent, there is a lot of information out there, but the posts floating around this week seem to be more of the former.

Because I think it's important that you hear (errr, read) more than just my opinion regarding wedding photography, here are a few great posts I've read this week that really clarified some more details concerning exactly what I wrote about the other day.

{Gia Canali}, a fabulous film photographer, wrote about wedding photography tangibles & intangibles.

{jennifer dery} put up a link to another site (which I'm now following!): Why you should NEVER skimp on wedding photography. And guess what? It's not written by a photographer!

Not from this week (or even this month, for that matter), but {why albums are important} - from the client's perspective (not my client, fyi).

Are there any blogs out there than inspire you? Teach you? Please share! I love new material. :)

Just because ... {I love this song} and am editing to it all day long today.


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